My business operates in two main areas, I deal with descaling and energy saving. I have been developing and expanding my products for more than 25 years.

In both areas of operation, I keep in mind two main directions, environmental awareness and savings, which can be achieved in parallel when using my products.

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The water draining through the layers of the ground becomes rich in different minerals affecting its composition and saturation. Without appropriate treatment the water can be the major cause of damage in pipe systems, air conditioning equipments, taps, etc. By time the salts solved in the water deposit on the equipments in the form of micro crystals (scale). This causes flow and heat performance reduction.

Corrosion may lead to the replacement of the pipes or the complete equipment.

Appropriate water treatment shall be executed with the appropriate means and materials in order to restore the original performance of any equipment or for prevention purposes.


Our solution is absolutely environment friendly without using chemicals.

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If natural gas is lead through a sufficiently strong homogenous magnetic field, the dense lines of magnetic force will longitudinally reorganise carbon chain structures. Electrostatic charging is known by everyone (e.g. charging synthetic fibre clothes by friction), the friction of gas in the pipes. This cohesive force is eliminated by the effect of magnetic lines of force.

In case of liquid hydrocarbons the strong magnetic field eliminates the electrostatic charging of fuel molecules, reduces viscosity therefore upon it is divided into much smaller drops upon carburetion. The smaller drops will be mixed better with the air and more oxygen can contact the molecules of the fuel, therefore combustion becomes faster. As a result the quality of combustion becomes better and more energy can be released from the hydrocarbon in the same period of time.

By the use of the technology the amount of uncombusted or imperfectly combusted hydrocarbons emitted to our environment can be dramatically reduced (by 30-50%).

It is measurable by combustion gas analysing devices.

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